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Susan Stripling.

Click the link. Trust me.


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This week I had my first “beauty in the normalcy of the everyday” shoot with our friends the Bjornstedt’s.

I followed them around through a typical afternoon for their family.

I love the polish on her nails.

This shot of the entire crew checking the little guys diaper cracks me up.

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It’s 4:15 am…

I’ve been awake for an hour. I’m going back to the tulip fields trying to catch some sunrise shots. I set my alarm for 4:45, but my body won’t sleep. I’m rather excited and terrified at the same time.

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we went back to the tulips again.

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I stumbled across these videos belonging to Chase Jarvis today.

They amaze me. Their content is inspiring (especially this first one) but the cinematography…holy moly. I dig it.


On Planning:

I love that each decade of her life was like a new birth, a new place for her. I love the feeling I get of enjoying all of life’s stages. It’s so easy for me to spend all my time anticipating – looking forward to when this happens or that. This film makes it so much easier for me to rest in the idea of space – space for living, for enjoying what you’re doing right now. For learning from what I’m currently working on and taking it forward. I won’t always be in this same space. Not with my kids, not with my photography, not with what I do day to day that comprises my life. I love the reminder that life is long and full and exciting. And even if it’s not long, I want to live as though I’m enjoying every moment – I’m not worrying about fitting it all in, or about what I haven’t done yet, but living fully in the year, whatever it might look like. Whether it’s a year of diapers, or new cameras or raising chickens or learning a new language or becoming an amazing photographer.

I know it’s an ad. I know. But holy moly I dig this kind of ad.

On Risk:

I love that this man is 40. And that he’s been skating for as long as he can remember. That he wasn’t instantly good or instantly safe or confident. But that he’s safe and comfortable (at least not stiff) because of all of his experience. I tend to want to get all my experience in as quickly as possible. I don’t like to allow myself enough time to make sure I’m practicing, learning my skill until it’s second nature.

And on Risk again:

And on this one I love that she knows she’s doing something risky (putting everything into an art business) and that she’s planned it out so it’s a calculated risk. I’m not so much a risk taker. I’m much more of a do-it-if-its-safe kinda girl.

If this is what commercials are becoming I might start watching them again.

And (some of) how it’s done:

Nicely done Chase. Can’t wait to see the remaining two.

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