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Things have been rather quiet around here lately.

I’m working hard to keep it that way.

I find that I need things to be slow, slow enough that I don’t need a calendar, to really thrive.

I’ve been working on so many different things..sewing projects, painting projects, turning photographs into projects…I’m really anxious to try my hand at some woodworking. I want to build my own frames for my fine art photos, but I also want to learn to build furniture.

Last weekend we went to Nehalem Bay to camp for the weekend and celebrate Father’s Day. It was perfect and (mostly) quiet.


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rise out the window
*There are a million and five places between San Jose and Portland that would make for gorgeous sun photos.
*One of these days I wanna take a road trip for the journey and not the destination
*The sense of possibility is a really good thing.
*Sometimes audiobooks are the best thing ever. And sometimes they really must be replaced with a little U2 to lull the children to sleep.
*Hello Oregon. I’ve missed you.
*(We are so ridiculously nuts.) MMMMM tasty chocolate mint cookies. It’s been months!
*I like Dave
*I wonder what Montana is like?
*And Utah? It’s such and ugly sounding word, it’s probably a gorgeous place. Like how Greenland isn’t really green…I bet it’s the same thing.
*This car could really use a good vacuuming.
*Alright. Tomorrow we start the budget. For reals.

And that my friends, is the end of my thoughts because at that point a child woke up and Dave took the driving shift. It seems I only think in silence when driving.

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Thanksgiving suns

palm tree rise
Here in San Jose there are lots of palm trees. Lots and lots of them. So many that I couldn’t choose which picture to choose for this morning…here’s another:
palm tree rise again
Today was a day of cooking, eating and playing with early Christmas presents. And then the sun set again.
There weren’t any fantastic colors. But I’m okay with that.
I turned around and shot the moon instead.

Tomorrow is a day to visit the big trees. Sounds exciting.

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